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"All Magic, No Logic"

Release Date october 31st, 2023

Our 4th full length album release. Fur coats, ship wrecks, dreams, seduction and blurred realities. 

RT Goodrich - Drums, Vocals Laela Peterson Stolen - Violin, Vocals JD Limelight - Accordion, Vocals Emily Froberg - Bass, Vocals Jason Vanderford - Guitar, Vocal


Recorded at Tiny Telephone Studio - Oakland, Ca 2022 Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Xifer Fortier and Meric Long Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering, San Francisco Photo by Vincent Nicolas

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"Electricity For Dreams"

Release Date August 31st, 2018

Our third full length album. A mixed bag of stories projected onto the backdrop of a coastal world that gets blanketed by a calm yet chilly layer of ocean air, misting in the street lights. The pulse of invincibility in your bones when it is declared that the night is young. Love fading and then forever being renewed.  

Recorded in March of 2018 in Oakland, Ca at Guerrilla Studios with Myles Boisen. Jason Vanderford - Lead Vocals, Guitar,  Rt Goodrich - Drums and Cajon, Laela Peterson-Stolen - Violin, Viola, Back Up Vocals, JD Limelight - Accordion, Back up Vocals, Tim Bush - Bass

The story of an elder instilling confidence and wisdom into the consciousness of a son or daughter. The world is a trickster, full of wolves in sheeps clothing. Know your strength, listen to your heart.. understand when the devil is asking you to dance. Laela Peterson-Stolen - Violin Tim Bush - Bass Robin Goodrich - Drums Jason Vanderford - Guitar Rebecca Roudman - Cello Recorded at Allegiant Studios in Fairfax by Danny Uvilevski Mixes and Overdubs at Secret Studios by Jonathan Burnside

Release Date August 5th, 2017

"Vultures and Weasels"

"Mick Jagger's Heart"

Release Date May 27th, 2016

Mick Jagger's Heart is a reference to "Dear Doctor" by the Rolling Stones. I was intrigued by the idea that a person's heart could hurt so bad that a person could be driven to the point where they are asking a doctor to physically remove their heart. And so this song was born from these thoughts and added to the Junk Parlor repertoire. We hope you enjoy it!

Recorded at Allegiant Studio, San Rafael, California in September of 2014. Engineered by Danny Uzilevsky. We then mixed and mastered  the song with Jonathan Burnside at a secret location in March of 2016. Guest musicians are Danny Uvilevski on electric lead guitar, Chip Roland on organ, Jaleh Lauran Bjelde and Jesse Adams on back up vocals.   

Release Date  July, 2015


On this record we focused on intrumentals and dance grooves, continuing our mix of Eastern European melodies, 60's gipsy rhumba, belly dance and a splash of our own moody origianls. Our original title track "Melusina" (inspired by the ancient pagen legend about the cursed mother Melusina), has since been licesned by Hilton Hotels, Abercrombie and Fitch, Tilly's, and Royal Carribean Cruise lines. 

Recorded in March of 2015 at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, Ca with Jonathan Burnside, assisted by Bozho Lasich.. Mixed at a secret location by Jonathan Burnside. All songs arranged by Junk Parlor and all originals written by Jason Vanderford. Guest musicians include, Hannah Mignano on violin, Kami Liddle on Riq/Frame Drum and Finger Cymbols, Clint Baker on Clarinet, Jonathan Burnside on Electric Guitar. 

"Wild Tones"

Release Date September, 2013

This was our first recording session. The beginning of our musical statement. It is dreamy and edgy and well produced. The album is all original and vocally oriented, except for two songs, the sweet french ballad "Si Tu Savais" and the Eastern European melody, "Cojek Majstore". We still play many of these songs today and are very proud of it.  During this time we had the wonderful Jimmy Grant playing guitar with us. Recorded in August of 2013 at Faultline Studios in San Francisco, by Jonathan Burnside.

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